Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Express my Gratitude to my Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, and Earthly Gurus ...

To the Ascended Masters, to my Spiritual Guides, to my earthly Gurus...

I thank you in all sincerity for being there in my life, in my space, guiding me on my path, as always.

Today, I am with, and I hold greater awareness of my life purpose, in this eathly experience.

I am. I go deep within, looking, perceiving, and realizing; the answers are within me all the time. I just am now more aware.

The human dimension fades, melts, comes into sharper focus. I realize: my spirit has a purpose in this human experience.

I am born with compassion. I come from eternal love and eternal compassion. It is my life's purpose to help others realize this simple yet seemingly elusive truth. The ALL fades before the one spirit. ALL is but one spark of divine consciousness. Brahma. Brahmand. Brahma-anand. The pure, eternal joy. Joy ineffable. I am in it. In pure silence. I swim, float, and dive into this purest of experiences. All else is a perception. A manifestation of the human artiste - a MAYA.

I ...
am a human experience
do the bidding of my human roles with joy
belong to each and every one in creation
am infinite joy
am a channel of divine energy
guide others in realizing their true nature
live in divine, eternal, infinite JOY.

I thank my earthly guides for being there in my life. For guiding me and being guided in turn. We belong eternally, we meet, we part. That is the way of life's journey. Journeymen towards our individual goals.

I walk my path in eternal silence. I am within myself. I am aware. Silent. Joyful. Observant. Natural. Accepting.

I am  bliss absolute.


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  1. Hi Vira, Miss having collective reiki sessions:) Looking forward to having more of those.

    Love and hugs, Deb